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One week anniversary

So, we have been open for officially one week today. It has been amazing to be back in the shop doing what we love! There are a lot of new routines and procedures, but we already have it mastered.

It has been amazing seeing all of our Rock-A-Billy Tattoo family and doing some really cool tattoos. Thank you to our clients for being so cooperative with the new procedures. Lets hope we can really go back to normal soon!

We are so thankful for all of you! This is a short update, but we wanted to check in. We also want to say that unless things change we will no longer blog about COVID-19. We think its time to discuss other things. We have some great ideas of what's next for this blog. Our hopes is that you will all join in on conversations, and please give us suggestions of what you want to hear about.

As always, you guys ROCK!

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